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 "Korea - two nations - one people - humanitarian project’s contribution to peace and development"

Torsdag 1.juli kl. 18:00

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25th June 1950 was the outbreak of the Korean War.  Even though 71 years have passed,  no  peace agreement has been signed on the Peninsula. 
Since then the North- and South-Korea have developed in very different ways both politically and economically. South Korean economy is today among the strongest in the world, while  North Korea has in many periods been in need of humanitarian aid. Many organisations have done humanitarian projects or assisted with humanitarian aid during the decades. What are the experiences in working in North Korea? How is the situation today and how is the prospects for the future? Can such projects contribute to a warmer relationship between North Korea and the world,  or between North Korea and South Korea? Can humanitarian projects be a door opener for peace, goodwill and development?
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